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L«I«V«E©©streaM>]>]>]Jean Pascal vs Lucian Bute Live s*t*r*e*a*m boxing>>>>Happy Saturday January 18 2014, ©©streaM>]>]>]Jean Pascal vs Lucian Bute Live, ©©streaM>]>]>]Jean Pascal vs Lucian Bute Live

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Today Saturday 18, 2014 All Matches At Bell Centre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada (HBO)Jean Pascal vs. Lucian Bute

12 rounds, light heavyweights

——– Mike Perez vs. Carlos Takam

10 rounds, heavyweights

——– Eleider Alvarez vs. Andrew Gardiner

10 rounds, light heavyweights

——– Sebastien Gauthier vs. Javier Franco

8 rounds, junior featherweights

——– Mikael Zewski vs. Krzysztof Szot

8 rounds, welterweights

——– Oscar Rivas vs. Eric Barrak

8 rounds, heavyweights

——– Sebastien Bouchard vs. Giuseppe Lauri

6 rounds, junior middleweights

——– Artur Beterbiev vs. Gabriel Lecrosnier

4 rounds, light heavyweights

——– Yves Ulysse Jr. vs. Evaggelos Tsirimokos

4 rounds, junior welterweights

Bute vs Pascal: Lucian Bute says hands are good, ready for Saturday showdownLucian Bute had bone fragments removed from his left hand last year, postponing his fight with Jean Pascal. But the Romanian-Canadian says he’s ready to go for Saturday.Former super middleweight tilist Lucian Bute has suffered some recent career setbacks, but the Quebec-based star says he’s fit and ready to go for Saturday night’s HBO showdown with Jean Pascal, in what looks to be the biggest fight in Canadian boxing history.Two years ago, Bute (31-1, 24 KO) was mauled and stopped in five rounds by Carl Froch, and a little over five months later, he returned with a somewhat shaky win over Denis Grachev, a good but limited fighter. That was November 2012, and it was the last time Bute fought.

Last year, he had bone fragments removed from his left hand. Now, the southpaw says he’s feeling good.

“I feel good. I feel great. Saturday night will be a special night for me, a special fight. (The loss to Froch is) in the past. I feel great, 100 per cent with both hands. I’m staying focused for my fight, my strategy. There’s nothing to stop me. Nothing! I’m very confident. I’m very strong. I’ll be the winner.”

It’s sort of a matchup of unknowns between the two established veterans. Bute hasn’t fought in 14 months and was looking a bit weary then, while Pascal (28-2-1, 17 KO) has fought just a pair of tune-up bouts since his May 2011 loss to Bernard Hopkins, beating Aleksy Kuziemski and suffering a shoulder injury in the process in December 2012, and returning to have his way with George Blades last September.

Is Pascal 100%? Is Bute 100%? How far off of their best are these two fighters? Is Bute still affected by the loss to Froch, and is Pascal ready to put the pressure on fast and test his resolve? It’s a big fight between two popular fighters in Montreal, but how good are these guys here in 2014? That’s what we’re going to find out for at least one of them.

Saturday, January 18

HBO / Indigo PPV (CAN), 10:15 pm EST, Lucian Bute vs Jean Pascal, Mike Perez vs Carlos Takam. The first really major card of 2014 is finally here, as the likely biggest fight in Canadian boxing history is upon us. Pascal (28-2-1, 17 KO) fought in September against George Blades to stay in shape, as this fight was originally scheduled for May before Bute (31-1, 24 KO) postponed. Bute hasn’t fought since November 2012 in an iffy win over Denis Grachev, six months after Carl Froch smoked him. The co-feature was originally going to be Eleider Alvarez vs Thomas Oosthuizen, but Oosthuizen pulled out to the surprise of few, and is now a heavyweight bout between Mike Perez and veteran Carlos Takam. BLH will have live coverage.


Hi guys, please allow me to indulge in a rant for a second … I am from Montreal, and am going to this fight. However this is not even clsoe to being “the biggest fight ever in canada”. Number 1, these two guys are past their best, 2. both fighters are only attractions in Quebec, and are probably not known to 99% of the rest of the population in Canada. .3. This fight has no major significance in a division where 4. the titlest is another montrealer who would destroy both these guys.

If this fight happened two years ago it would have been much more interesting. Now it’s nothing more than a local attraction that will sell alot of tickets based on Montréal being a healthy fight town, and there is nothing else going on this weekend! I’m watching with some interst, but frankly there is virtually no hype for this fight. We all know it’s not particularly important, but we’re gonna watch anyways. That’s just what we do in MTL :P

Take it from a local, there is nothing really special here, just another fight night.

Rant over :)

Lucian Bute vs. Jean Pascal: Pascal:”It’s going to be (Bute’s) last fight.”

Jean Pascal says that he might retire Lucain Bute when the two meet later this month.

Jean Pascal has never been a stranger to talking trash about an opponent before a fight, and he is not making any exceptions for his next opponent, Lucian Bute. The two will square off only fifteen days from now in Montreal at the Bell Centre. HBO will televise the showdown.

Pascal harbors a bit of resentment toward Bute because the former super middleweight champion was forced to back out of an earlier date due to an injury. Pascal hopes that Bute doesn’t get hurt now, and states that his opponent needs to cash in because Bute may be forced into retirement when he is finished with him.

Here is what Pascal said in an interview with Chris Robinson of Hustle Boss:

“Now we are about three weeks from the fight, so I’m crossing my fingers that Bute don’t get injured. Last time, we were about three weeks from the fight before he pulled out. I really think the fight is going to happen, because if he pulls out again he will lose credibility. He has $2 million good reasons to make the fight happen. It will be a good paycheck for him. Plus, it’s going to be his last fight and it’s good to cash in before his last fight, because I might retire Lucian Bute.”

A couple of years ago this would have been a huge fight on the boxing landscape. It’s still nice but Bute’s loss to Carl Froch sent his stock into a free fall and his comeback fight against Denis Grachev did little to restore hope. Pascal also saw his value drop when he retained his WBC light heavyweight title with a controversial draw against Bernard Hopkins then clearly lost to Hopkins in the rematch. Since those two bouts, he has worked as often as Santa Claus, fighting only twice since May 2011.

Nevertheless, it figures to be a solid fight in the ring and it’s a fight that both men need to win in order to remain relevant at the top level. Who do you like to take it?

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